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Janders Dean is the
world’s leading independent legal
industry management consultancy



The Janders Dean Story

Unparalleled Experience, Client Service Excellence & True Industry Leadership

Janders Dean is an independent consultancy founded in 2007 – we are one of the most experienced and trusted law firm advisors across a number of areas in this complex and changing industry.  We pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge, and our ability to separate fact from industry hype. We believe that this is why our clients keep coming back to Janders Dean.

Unparalleled Reach

We are the only independent strategic advisory team with active client engagements across all major continents and legal marketplaces.  Our breadth of client footprint helps us ensure that we can bring unparalleled level of expertise and context to our clients and their projects.  We truly understand international best practices and regional idiosyncrasies.


Three years after Janders Dean’s initial launch in Australia, we opened our London office in 2010 to service our UK and European clients. Within this key strategic region, our leading consultants work with valued clients in the private practice law firm and in-house legal department space. Our clients range in size and complexity, and include leading domestic and regional firms as well as a large number of international firms. Within this jurisdiction, Janders Dean is regularly recognised by our clients and industry peers as market leaders for our advisory services.


Having originally launched our practice in Australia in 2007, we have an established client base across the wider Asia-Pacific region, and are recognised as the leading consultancy to law firms and in-house legal departments. We have been (and remain) at the heart of the APAC legal industry, and we continue to work with our clients to evolve the industry. In addition to the APAC region, our team has an active presence in the North American market where we work with a number of the leading law firms on their technology, knowledge and innovation initiatives.


We regularly work within a wide range of strategically important emerging markets and jurisdictions, ranging from Latin America and the African continent to India and the Middle East. Our clients in include leading independent law firms who seek opportunities to differentiate in the face of increasing global competition. Our team of experienced consultants also regularly works across the off-shore market with clients in Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Mann – as well as working with firms in the British Virgin Island, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

The Clients We Love to Serve

Experience & Differentiation


Janders Dean is highly respected by our clients for our collective and individual expertise. We work to continuously evolve our methodologies and our approach, and ensure that we are at the leading edge of the industry. Where other advisory brands may comprise a group of loosely affiliated and transient independents at the sunset of their careers, or industry commentators with published opinions but limited relevant or recent practical experience actually working inside a firm, our team is made up of “doers” with pride in our deliverables. Janders Dean’s team is a group of highly relevant and respected subject matter experts with up-to-date cross-functional experience in legal practice, finance and management accounting, successful technology deployment, and demonstrable change management implementation.


Janders Dean is trusted by the management of more law firms and in-house legal departments than any other group of advisors. As an organisation, we have over a decade’s experience directly advising partnership boards on their strategic and operational decisions, and assisting their management staff in delivering on major change initiatives. A majority of our work originates as a result of repeat business from existing client relationships, or from unsolicited client-to-prospect peer-to-peer referrals. Our clients trust Janders Dean to provide honest, pragmatic and independent advice that takes into account their unique position in the market, their individual culture and evolution point, and the challenges or opportunities that differentiate them from their peers. Our clients are unique, and our advice and relationships recognise this.


In addition to our unparalleled experience working with firms around the world, the foundation of Janders Dean’s expertise is our unique depth of understanding around lawyer psychology to inform successful change strategies. Our knowledge is informed by thousands of hours of ongoing behavioural studies and working practice observations with lawyers and professional support staff from various practice and peer levels, and across various functions and jurisdictions. From a technology perspective, our team has been directly involved in the assessment, design, and/or implementation of over 150+ different supplier technologies in the legal market. Our intimate knowledge of product functionality combined with working practice excellence, lawyer behaviour, regulatory requirements, and change management sets us apart.

Service Offerings

Operational Excellence

Information Technology
Knowledge Management
Risk Management
Finance & Accounts
Litigation Support
Business Development

Firm Strategy & Management

Mergers & Acquisitions
Data Analytics Strategy
Major Project Oversight/Mentoring
Industry Benchmarking
Independent Facilitation
Operational Review

Practice Area Service Excellence

Legal Process Analysis & LPM Application
Litigation Support Strategy
Client Collaboration
Practice Group Retreats
Innovation Hype Audit
Practice Group Staffing Assessment

Corporate Legal

Working Practice Analysis
Panel Firm Facilitation
Operational Review
Legal Process Analysis & LPM Application
Major Project Oversight/Mentoring
In-House Retreat Facilitation


Janders Dean conferences differentiate themselves from the “same-old-same-old” static and stale conferences that have plagued the industry in the past, and from the hype events that measure success on “number of delegates” rather than the “right delegates”. We believe in conferences that actually inspire delegates to apply new thinking to their roles and their firm. Our events are developed and planned not by a conference company with limited connections to the real world, but by our own team of expert global consultants and thought leaders who work day in and day out at the front lines of legal services transformation with our clients and emerging suppliers.  Speakers you won’t meet anywhere else, people you won’t meet anywhere else.

Sydney 2019

London 2019

Secret Horizons 2019

Sydney 2018

London 2018

Our Community

We believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community, and to help the legal industry evolve in a positive and sustainable manner. We believe in giving back to the community by working with student bodies and community groups, championing social causes that are important to our team members and our clients, and by developing innovative and challenging industry events and initiatives.


Find out about the new game from Janders Dean that has taken the legal industry by storm.

Based in Australia, TheLegalForecast is a not for profit peer-to-peer group led by legal students and early career professionals from across the legal industry. Their objective is to explore ways in which the industry is changing from the students’ perspective, identify opportunities to change legal education, and to explore new and non-traditional career paths in law. We’re honoured to provide continued financial support and mentoring to this team of selfless future leaders.

The largest annual legal disruption event in the Southern Hemisphere was developed in 2016 in association with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Incubation Labs and the leadership team from TheLegalForecast. This initiative brings over 300 law students and dozens of law firms together for a weekend of solution identification and development. Janders Dean is proud to continue our support of this initiative through continued investment, guidance, and direct mentoring.

Recognised as the world’s leading legal industry and law school collaboration, the innovative Law Without Walls programme annually brings together a global community of students and experts to collaborate on issues facing the future of law. Students from the programme are some of the most coveted future hires, with a developing range of commercial skills to complement their legal expertise. We proudly provide challenges ranging from indigenous youth incarceration to the rights of refugees.

Originally established by Janders Dean almost a decade ago in the APAC region as the Legal Innovation Index, the recently repositioned Legal Impact Index annually recognises those in the industry who are taking demonstrable steps to positively move the industry forward through true innovative change. Independently judged by industry experts, the Index seeks to highlight true impact over marketing hype, while also recognising the achievements of small firms and solo lawyers often overlooked.

Our coveted Legal Design Jam events have been run in parallel to the #JDHorizons events since 2013. Building on the innovative initiatives of other early adopters and recognised experts in service and experience design, we have evolved our unique jam events to include lawyers and professional support staff from across the industry. We’ve proudly championed various methodologies at these events on behalf of the industry including early adoption of Comic Contracts and Lego Serious play.

Our team is passionate about addressing equality gaps in the legal industry, and promoting the values that we have in relation to social mobility in the legal industry, gender and racial equality, and the rights of the LGBT community to a safe and accepting workplace. We’ve teamed up with the global Gender Avenger movement to formally sign their equality pledge. This ensures that our staff take real action to address imbalances in the industry, that we set an example, and that we live our values.


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