Welcome to Janders Dean

Janders Dean is a leading independent management consultancy company specialising in providing expert advisory services to law firms and corporate in-house legal departments across the globe. Janders Dean's projects include some of the most innovative and award winning engagements undertaken within the legal industry across the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia.

We believe in "deliverables focused" engagements. This way our clients know exactly what they are getting from their consultants and when. We insist that project deliverables are tangible, practical and demonstrate clear value for our clients. Our advisory services are based on each clients' specific needs, our extensive understanding of emerging technologies, business information and law firm management trends, and our practical experience in the selection and implementation of solutions aimed at making lawyers' lives more productive.

Latest News

31/03/2015 - Janders Dean Announce the launch of the innovative LegalListener© artificial intelligence platform for law firms More >>
17/09/2014 - Janders Dean & Phoenix Business Solutions launch the results of the inaugural APAC Legal Technology Survey. More >>
12/09/2014 - INNOVATION INDEX: Short List Coming. We're excited to announce that the short list of 2014 Innovation Index firms will be released in the coming days. More >>