Janders Dean Comments on Future of Legal Education

Janders Dean is honoured to be included in the July 2017 edition of the Legal Technology Insider magazine’s coverage of the Future of Legal Education.

Justin North (founder of Janders Dean) which is itself a founder of the Australia and New Zealand annual Legal Innovation Index, said: “To us, the Australian market is a clear leader in combining technology and the law in their teachings. Universities such as University of Technology Sydney, Melbourne University, Queensland University of Technology, and Griffith University are moving forward at pace in this space – and both law firms and their clients are ultimately going to benefit.”

North says: “UCL is clearly leading the way in the UK, and setting an example for others to follow. Not only are they exploring ways to champion the role of technology and design in their legal education programmes, their involvement in global initiatives such as LawWithoutWalls. org further strengthens their position. Through Miami University’s LawWithoutWalls.org programme, they are able to connect to dozens of law firms around the world and learn what others are doing in this space – bringing it back and translating it to the UK market.”

North says the UK should avoid what he describes as a “rush to press release” approach. He singles out the efforts by Stanford and Harvard as shining examples of innovation, but says: “Other schools in the US unfortunately suffer from a “rush to press release” approach in an effort to create noise around the faculty members themselves – rather than focus on the students or the students’ future. So few of these universities actually have the calibre of law or technology faculties inside them that are truly aspirational brands to students anyway, and so the majority of the market sees them as noise over substance.”

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