Allen & Overy FUSE Incubator Supports Team Ithaca

Magic circle firm Allen & Overy has revealed the identities of the eight businesses that will be joining their in-house innovation hub FUSE next month., and we are honoured to announce that the team sponsored and mentored by Janders Dean has been offered a place to further evolve their concepts to assist refugees without sufficient access to legal advice.

Justin North, founder of Janders Dean, said:

The refugee crisis around the word is far from over, in fact it is escalating at a frightening pace. There are lawyers all over the world who are willing to help those less fortunate through selfless pro bono activities. These lawyers are challenging the misguided and popularist positions of governments who seem determined to undermine the law of their own countries, and international laws, to punish refugees or not recognise their status.

At the initial kick-off at Harvard Law School in early 2017, we asked our sponsored students from the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia to address this topic with humanity and heart.

Allen & Overy’s new incubator is located within the firm’s London HQ and will accommodate 60 entrepreneurs from the eight early stage companies.

Over 80 applications were assessed by the firm. Other accepted organisations to join FUSE include Nivaura, RAVN, Avvoka, Corlytics, Vable, Opus 2 International, and “paper and email” innovation system Legatics.

Unlike other law firm incubators, we are pleased to recognise that not all of FUSE’s residents are profit driven. The alumni team Ithaca hopes to create a “mobile-responsive” system that will help asylum seekers gain access to pro-bono legal representation and advice.

Justin North of Janders Dean commented that:

The Ithaca team has developed a way in which lawyers who have capacity and capabilities can be connected to refugees around the world who need help with their asylum cases. If governments won’t help in fear of losing a vote, then the people must step up. Countries such as the United States and Australia have an horrific record of using the law to punish refugees in recent times, and yet the legal industry has always been one of the first to push back and protect those in need.

Firms such as Allen & Overy have been critically important to the protection of those in need through their pro bono initiatives globally. They constantly give time, expertise, funds and attention to so many charitable causes, and many in our society would be in real danger without the legal industry’s commitment to pro bono. Ithaca is so very fortunate and appreciative of their recognition and assistance.

Jonathan Brayne, chairman of Fuse at Allen & Overy, said:

The selection process has been an extremely interesting and rewarding experience. Now we’re just really looking forward to welcoming the companies into the space next month, introducing people from A&O and our clients’ businesses to it and, ultimately, helping shape what emerges from the Fuse environment.

We here at Janders Dean are honoured to be involved with our fellow mentors in the growth and success of the Ithaca gang. We’re looking forward to seeing great things from the team as they remind us all that the law exists to help, rather than hinder.