APAC’s First Legal Data Jam – Guest Post (Data61)

Huge thanks everyone involved in the #LegalDataJam of the #JDHorizons conference – we saw huge ideas around the next generation of law, and how the robots are really already inside the team: trust and efficiency, and automating boring stuff are the key elements. The teams came up with 3 super-cool areas:

  • How to train the next generation of legal teams, presuming tech is part of the mix
  • How to really use the time-billing to advantage (whilst it lasts)
  • How to automate drafting reports

And on a day about tech-in-law we had an awesome no-tech day digging into the human centric elements of the new automated world. Thanks to Max Ott, Ryan Stevens and Martin Leeuwangh for the help through the day, and to Steph Abbott for the help in setting up and running the event. Many thanks to the #JDHorizons team and LexisNexis for the help & support.

Post Author – Leif Hanlen of Data61 | CSIRO

Keep your eyes open for a full debrief on the first ever Legal Data Jam from the Janders Dean and LexisNexis team – an initiative of the cutting edge Janders Dean crew – run in parallel to APAC’s most coveted and copied conference format (Janders Dean Legal Horizons).