Janders Dean Horizons – Guest Post (Checkbox.ai)

It was an absolute pleasure to have been a speaker these past 2 days at the #JDHorizons Legal Conference Sydney alongside some seriously smart and accomplished people. For those who’ve missed it, here are some takeaway points from my presentation.

+ Disruption of the legal industry is client driven. A combination of price consciousness and curiosity around technology underpins this.

+ Computers cannot not automate everything. They do well at replacing structured, routine work; but intrinsically struggle with unstructured, human work.

+ Checkbox.ai is the best

+ The law firm of the future will be a multi-disciplinary team, with technology as a core function.

+ Build capability today and work towards a technology-literate law firm by partnering with start-ups and hiring tech savvy lawyers.

+ Re disruption: “Do not have a plan of defence. Have a plan of attack.”

Congratulations to Justin North and the Janders Dean team for another successful and seriously different event! You’ve built something truly great.

Post Author – Evan Wong (Founder | Startups | CEO at Checkbox)