Janders Dean Horizons Supports OneGirl.org.au #DoItInADress

Janders Dean was honoured to have the CEO of OneGirl.org.au present at the recent Janders Dean Legal Horizons Conference in Sydney. We discovered that $300 will fund one girl in Africa to receive an education for an entire year.

Being challenged on the spot to support the initiative, our founder Justin North accepted and committed to #DoItInADress if the #JDHorizons community would pull together and pledge the funds required to educate not just one girl in Africa, but an entire classroom.

In a little under three hours, Janders Dean and our #JDHorizons sponsors, speakers, and delegates pledged over $8,000 for OneGirl – #doitinadress.

That is an entire class of girls in Africa who now have an education for the coming year.

Thank you to all our sponsors, law firms, and individuals who contributed to this adhoc initiative. An unexpected conclusion to a phenomenal two days of education, transformation, disruption, and story telling. We hope you all had an amazing time.