Janders Dean Launch #LawIsBeautiful

LONDON: Janders Dean is delighted to announce the launch of the #LawIsBeautiful movement, which will culminate in the world’s first legal design art exhibition to be held in London during September 2018. With support from a wide range of international inhouse legal departments, leading global law firms and various NGOs, Janders Dean has commissioned over 30 pieces of “Beautiful Law” which will be curated and displayed during the exclusive #LawIsBeautiful art exhibition.

At Janders Dean, we know that all industries have room for continuous or disruptive improvement, and that all industries can be radically transformed. We also know that the legal industry is no different. However; we don’t subscribe to the negative messages in the industry that the law is ugly or broken beyond repair.

Instead, we believe that the #LawIsBeautiful – even with all the imperfections and the opportunities that are obvious – and with all the challenges that the industry may face. We believe that positive change and real innovation can be more easily achieved through recognising and embracing these elements of beauty.

“We really excited by this initiative at Janders Dean, and we’ve had an overwhelming level of positive feedback from those firms and corporate counsel who are participating in this world-first #LawIsBeautiful concept. The concept of the art exhibition has resonated with so many of our contacts across the globe” said Justin North, founder of Janders Dean.

“Every single one of the clients and friends who we have involved in this initiative has immediately seen the value of it” said North, “There is a great level of enthusiasm in the industry for #LawIsBeautiful, and this type of exhibition presents another way in which we can continue to spark the industry’s curiosity by showcasing the great work that is already being done at the intersection of design and the law”.

The acceptance of beautiful design principles within the law is now growing, and we are increasingly noticing that aspects of the law have become beautiful again. Our clients are investing in artists, designers, and creative teams from other industries in order to transform their delivery of legal services, and long may it continue.

Through Janders Dean’s advisory work with numerous leading law firms and in-house legal teams (and through our market leading design and data jams) we have seen a growing spark of true innovation – not just from the talkers with their limited skin in the game, but from those at the coal face of the industry – from the grafters and the drafters. We are now working to not only keep this spark alive, but to promote a positive culture of curiosity and appreciation.

“We’re seeing many law firms going against the popular trends of the past,” says North, “They are no longer blindly following their peers, and no longer are they rapidly jumping on the bandwagon hoping that a magic technology will fix everything. Instead, many are ignoring the ongoing technology arms race, and are investigating alternative ways in which their clients can be surprised and delighted”.

Beautiful design, beautiful contracts, beautiful careers, beautiful impacts, and beautiful advice. We believe that #LawIsBeautiful.

Additional information on the exclusive #LawIsBeautiful London art exhibition will be released to invited guests in the near future. Followers can continue to check for updates on http://lawisbeautiful.com/ and via Twitter at @BeautifulIsLaw.