Janders Dean Presenting at 2016 ILTA Conference on Legal Data Analytics

We’re excited to announce that Karl Haraldsson, one of the legal analytics legends and Senior Consultants at Janders Dean, has been invited to present at this year’s International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Conference in Washington. Karl’s presentation will focus on the application of data analytics to law in a session entitled Using the Right Data to Drive Your Knowledge Management Program.

Karl’s presentation will see him discuss advanced analytical methods toolsets that could be applied to law, but most critically will focus on ways in which firms and emerging professionals within them, can start using data proactively to drive revenue and profitability in their practice while also strengthening client relationships.

Attendees will learn various methods regarding the focus of their data efforts, the types of skills and experience required, and the technologies that may be needed to best demonstrate the value of data to their organizations.

Karl specialises in business analysis, systems design, data, data, data, and legal service design. Karl possesses a distinctive skill set related data analytics, and is skilled in helping our clients (both private practice law firms and global corporate legal departments) define, analyze, and visualise data related to the practice of law. Karl’s data expertise extends beyond mere financial data and into practice analytics, enabling clients to better comprehend, communicate, and act on insights gleaned from quantitative analysis of legal data.

Want a data strategy and don’t know where to start? Karl, Karl, he’s your man. Prior to joining Janders Dean, Karl held central roles in data solutions, legal technology innovation, and legal project management at SeyfarthLean Consulting and Seyfarth Shaw.

As a data solutions architect at SeyfarthLean Consulting, Karl partnered with large, multinational corporate legal departments and law firm partners to use quantitative methods to enhance awareness, forecast matter outcomes, and pinpoint factors that impact the risk and volume of matters. Through a mix of domain expertise, business analysis skills, fluency with statistics, and a command of data visualisation best practices, Karl made data relevant to lawyers in new and exciting ways that improved the delivery of contemporary legal services. In addition to the above, Karl is currently studying at Chicago-Kent College of Law, working directly with Professor Dan Katz on the rapidly evolving trends in legal data analytics.

Karl’s superhero session will be held at 4:00 PM EST on Monday, August 22, 2016. Be there or be somewhere else – but if it is the latter, then prepared to have your lunch eaten by those who were there. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.