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Practice Areas

Legal Process Deconstruction & Re-Engineering

The drive for internal efficiency and the elimination of waste in the legal delivery process has given rise to new disciplines in the legal industry. Janders Dean continues to be at the forefront of this movement, with our leading consultants considered to be the some of the earliest and most successful experts in this field. Using a variety of flexible methodologies, our team works with both law firm and corporate legal department clients to facilitate process deconstruction and re-engineering initiatives – ensuring that internal knowledge is exposed and utilised during the exercises, and that new and challenging thought is given to areas of potential enhancement.

Next Generation Knowledge Management & Legal Learning

Legal Knowledge Management has evolved beyond recognition over the past decade. Firms with legacy structures, roles, technologies, and service offerings to their lawyers must question the value proposition of their investment in these areas. In leading law firms, new Knowledge Management & Legal Learning roles are emerging and positioned as critical to both the success of the business, the growth of lawyers, and the of a firm’s intellectual capital. The cross-pollination of these roles with other emerging roles in law firms breeds success which impacts leverage, margin, revenue and profit – and moreover, is recognisable to clients and peers alike.

Off-Shore Legal, Trust & Fiduciary Services

Janders Dean’s Off-Shore Legal, Trust & Fiduciary Services team has worked with a number of the highest profile off-shore entities – whether it be in our capacity as strategic transformation advisors, providing technology selection and implementation services, advising on data and records management risks, or implementing knowledge and business intelligence strategies. Our consultants also have experience of pre-merger or pre-separation due diligence, and integration/separation activities. The team has extensive experience in the unique off-legal market, having worked with clients in the Channel Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.  

Operational Support Department Transformation

The successful law firms of today and tomorrow look little like those of the past, with the services offered and provided by the traditional operational and professional support functions needing to evolve quickly in response to market conditions. Our consultants have regularly been called on to undertake assessments of spending levels, internal resource structures, services and skills available, project execution success levels, and the collaboration levels between traditional support silos at various major trigger points in our clients’ growth and evolution curves. These can include at the point of firm mergers, changes in the firm’s leadership, or prior to major change programmes.

Our recommendations in these areas are pragmatic, achievable, and tailored to each firm based on size, current and future market positioning, strategic objectives, range of practice areas, spread of jurisdictions, and investment appetites – as well as the culture of the firm. Janders Dean regularly undertakes these reviews across functions such as Information Technology, Knowledge Management, and Finance/Accounts Departments, with our recommendations being developed and presented in the form of a future roadmap across 18-36 months.

Technology Assessment, Selection & Implementation

As an independent organisation, we are best placed to assist you with your major selection activities prior to procurement. Our team regularly works with global and domestic firms on technology assessment, comparison, selection and implementation engagements. Our global team maintains an unparalleled level of experience in law firm and corporate legal department technology application fields such as Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, Document & Email Management, Practice Management, Matter Management, Time Management, Document Automation, Artificial Intelligence Application, and Client Relationship Management solutions.

Our thought leadership and expertise in lawyer behaviours is regularly sought by both clients and leading technology companies to assist them with their product enhancements. With our knowledge and experience, we assist our clients with pre-procurement planning to ensure that the correct technology is chosen with the best interest of the user community and firm in mind. We have an internal formal out-of-industry and horizon watch programme across our consultants and practice areas to ensure that lessons from other industries are incorporated into our client projects.

Legal Service Delivery Re-Invention & Innovation

The legal world is flushed with buzzwords associated with innovation, and the race is on between firms both large and small to grasp at the opportunities to innovate through resourcing, pricing, processes, or technology. Few firms will succeed. Few realise that innovation first requires a cultural change. Many firms fail to take the necessary steps. Many firms have the desire to re-invent and re-imagine the ways in which legal services are delivered to clients; however due to limitations caused by either the corporate culture, the capabilities or knowledge of existing internal resources, or the capacity of the right stakeholders, numerous firms struggle to identify and execute on programmes that truly differentiate.

Janders Dean works with the most truly innovative firms around the world. Our various initiatives are recognised across the industry as both forward thinking and game changing. Our work includes initiatives that have introduced new technologies, new ways of working, new resourcing models, and new pricing models. Our differentiation is that we work with law firms and their clients. We have a deep understanding of lawyer working practices, the demands of our clients’ clients, and the required cultural DNA that ensures innovation across our client base is no longer just a buzzword.

Legal Department Transformation

Like many law firms, in-house legal departments of all shapes and sizes are seeking ways to implement positive change programmes aimed at increasing individual and group efficiency. Many forward thinking functions are attempting to identify and introduce initiatives that enhance their service offering to internal clients, reduce their costs and risks, and increase certainty of outcome, overall transparency, and the quality of advice.

Our team works with some of the largest in-house legal functions across the world, in many of the most fiercely regulated industries. Our practice area is considered to be one of the most experienced in this space. We work at the highest level to help create a skilled operational foundation, while introducing working practices and supporting technologies to enhance the efficiency of the function.

Programme & Project Management

The Janders Dean Programme & Project Management practice area regularly works with clients looking for the best results on their major change initiatives and technology implementations. While typically working to introduce and facilitate an agile methodology, the project leadership experience of our consultants also ensures that a balance of structure, order and discipline is introduced early to client engagements.

Our resources are regularly called on by clients in advance of project planning in order to assist with the development of the correct project assets and structures; however we are also experts in project rescue methodologies where our team is tasked with replacing legacy project resources and undertaking remediation activities aimed at ensuring delivery success.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

The ability to monitor the health of an organisation is critical. At the very heart of this is access to crucial information and data, and an ability to visualise, interrogate and interpret this intelligence for decision making purposes. Few firms have the capability or knowledge to utilise true business intelligence and data analytics, and many are stranded only with basic financial information on people, clients and matters.

We assist firms who seek new ways of working with data. We help transform business intelligence in law firms. Our consultants work with clients to educate on the vast power of analytics, identify new roles and resources in this field, work to introduce new  technologies and visualisation techniques, and introduce practices now commonplace in industries outside of law.

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